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ABOUT THE DESIGNER: Lauren Sigman, “Life In Color”

Happiness is free and Lauren Sigman isn’t afraid to imbibe. As a former sales executive with
two decades of corporate success, she has strategically and successfully redirected her
career onto a creative track that best reflects her nature ‐‐ finding joy from art and life in

In 2009, Sigman introduced her sophisticated jewelry line entitled, “Life in Color,”

She acknowledges with humor that her artistic interests bloomed late even though her interest in jewelry has been with her since she was a child. “I always thought I needed to be a lawyer or in the business world. It didn’t occur to me that I could follow my passion and have the business come with it.”

Today,  “Life in color, for me, means that when you take something simple and add just a touch of color, it comes to life. It’s what I try to communicate with my

Sigman’s positive outlook is part of her core being and certainly the foundation of her design inspirations. And, she adds, “If you can wear one of my pieces and it makes you feel happy how fabulous is that?”

Laurens work is handcrafted from 18K, 14K and Sterling Silver. She hand selects or has cut gemstones and diamonds specifically for her designs. 

For more information about Lauren Sigman Jewelry, visit: